Tiller's Folly's story

With roots that stretch from the mists of the Pacific Northwest, across the sea to the British Isles, and now moving into the heartland of American music, Tillers Folly has tapped into something timelessly fresh and refreshingly sincere.

With seven studio CDs to the bands credit, Tillers Folly continues to expand and refine their potent mix of acoustic and electric based Celtic influenced Canadiana, Americana, Newgrass 'and beyond.'

Peter North of the Edmonton Journal affectionately refers to Tiller’s Folly as "a national treasure."

In 2008, Tillers Folly introduced a multimedia component to their show including both modern and archival film footage and photography, adding sharp, captivating visual images and film designed to provide a whole new depth of understanding and enjoyment to an already impressive stage show. As a result, this is a show that the audience will carry with them long after the final note has played.

Fueled by their unfailing passion and enthusiasm for the music, Tillers is continuingly experimenting with different phrasing, tones and textures while recording with some of the most exciting and innovative musicians and singers in the business today as they continue to evolve as artists. Names like the phenomenally talented front man of the iconic group NewGrass Revival, John Cowan to Bob Babbitt (most famous for his work as a member of Motown Records studio band, the Funk Brothers, from 1966–1972, as well as his tenure as part of MFSB for Philadelphia International Records) and the late legendary session keyboardist Larry Knechtel have moved Tiller’s music to a new level of mastery.

Now they are hard at work again on a new project that marks a fresh, new beginning for the band. In addition to current members Bruce Coughlan, Nolan Murray and Laurence Knight they will again showcase the vocals prowess of the masterful John Cowan, as well as introducing new musical collaborators like Josh Shilling (Mountain Heart) and Cia Cherryholmes (The Cherryholmes) along with the legendary Scottish Music Hall of Famer Phil Cunningham on accordion. Rounding out the musical guests on the album will be guitarist Jeff Autry (John Cowan Band) and banjo great Scott Vestal (John Cowan Band/Sam Bush Band).

With their new self-penned songs, new musical studio partnerships and an inexhaustible collaborative spirit, Tillers Folly is poised to breakthrough to the next level in 2018 and beyond.

Tiller's Folly is:
Bruce Coughlan (songwriter, lead vocals. Guitar, bodhran, flute, whistle)
Nolan Murray (fiddle, mandolin, mandocaster, banjo, viola, guitar)
Laurence Knight ( bass, vocals)